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How To Choose A Chiropractor

Chiropractors make up a large portion of the health care community and there is no shortage of them to choose from. But it is best that you know a little bit about chiropractic care and the different kinds of treatment that chiropractors offer in order to choose the best chiropractor for your particular situation.

Generally speaking, chiropractors employ manual manipulation or stretching of the muscles or joints to help relieve muscular or skeletal pain. They may also employ other treatments including massage, ultrasound, and electrical muscle stimulation. They may also prescribe home exercises that can help rehabilitate damaged areas of the body. Most of the time, chiropractors do not prescribe drugs because of their belief in the body's ability to heal itself.

So what do you look for when trying to choose a chiropractor? Perhaps the first place to start is to verify that they have completed their advanced study from one of the 15 chiropractic colleges that are fully accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education. This will give you a good clue as to whether the education they have received in order to practice chiropractic care has been of high quality or not.

You also want to verify that a chiropractor is licensed in the state in which they practice. And it would even be a good idea to take it one step further and check with the state board of chiropractic examiners to find out whether other patients have had problems with that chiropractor or not. This can often give you a good idea of how successful a chiropractor has been in his practice.

On the negative side, try to avoid chiropractors who want you to sign a contract for lengthy treatments or who make exaggerated claims about being able to cure certain diseases. You also should be very skeptical of chiropractors to encourage preventive adjustments as there is no evidence to support such a treatment.

Since chiropractic practitioners vary greatly in their approach to treatment, it may be wise to schedule a consultation with the chiropractor first, ask plenty of questions, and see how well their approach fits your own personal viewpoints on health care and treatment.

And perhaps your best way of finding a chiropractor who can offer you quality treatment is to consult your own medical doctor first and ask him for names of chiropractors that he would recommend as being trustworthy. Because chiropractors and medical doctors tend to cooperate more closely these days, your medical doctor should be able to provide you with valuable information and recommendations to help narrow your search.

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