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Cosmetic Surgery - Tips On Facelift Recovery

One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures is the facelift, which can take years off your appearance. In this procedure this skin of the face is separated from the underlying muscles, excess skin is removed, and then it is sutured or stapled back in place. If done correctly, there is a noticeable decrease in facial wrinkles without any appearance of over-tightening of the skin.

Generally, facelift surgery requires about two hours to complete, and drainage tubes are left under the skin for a few days afterward to reduce the post-operative swelling. Quite often this procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, but you'll need to discuss your options with the anesthesiologist.

Recovering fully from a facelift can take anywhere from four to six weeks on the average, but quite often the swelling will be greatly reduced after only a couple of weeks. Some pain is often experienced shortly after the surgery and normally this is handled with pain medication prescribed by your doctor.

Here are a few tips on how to make your recovery period go smoother:

1. For the first few days after surgery try to ingest only soft foods such as yogurt, cottage cheese, and so forth along with plenty of water. And flexible straws will come in handy as you will most likely have to drink while reclining.

2. A speakerphone will be a good investment because it may be uncomfortable to use a telephone that you have to hold up to your ear immediately following a facelift.

3. The anesthesia that is used in surgery often creates a dry eye effect and so it's a good idea to have lubricated eyedrops on hand to help bring relief.

4. Getting plenty of rest will be essential for recovery and healing, so having a good over-the-counter sleep aid handy to use at night can be very beneficial too.

5. Very gentle haircare products that help unsnarl hair and make it manageable will be very useful to keep from aggravating the hairline sutures when washing and brushing your hair.

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